in the Social Hall

Doors open at 5 pm
Bingo begins at 7 pm

Concessions are sold by the Company Auxiliary

Smoke-Free Facility


  1. All players must be at least 10 years old and accompanied by a legal guardian 18 or over. Must be 18 years old to play pull-tabs.
  2. Smoke-free building
  3. No drugs or alcohol allowed on the property.
  4. No checks accepted.
  5. All winners must be present and have a paid admission for bingo session being played.
  6. Children are welcome but must remain quiet and in their seats. If you do not comply with this, you will be asked to leave with no refund.
  7. There will be NO saving of seats. If you come early and put a dauber or paper out, that does not save your seat. As the doors open, it is first come, first serve. Middletown personnel will not save seats.
  8. If a W2-G is required for a payout, all information that is asked must be provided. Two forms of I.D. are required (one with SSN) to receive any payment for winnings.
  9. Bingo daubers must be used in marking bingo cards; nothing else will be allowed.
  10. In the event of a dispute over the awarding of prizes or an interpretation of the rules, the decision of the bingo manager in charge is final.
  11. If you bingo on B12, you get a free admission card.
  12. You must bingo on the last number called (example: if B12 is called and someone yells bingo and has a good bingo but B12 is not part of that bingo, they do not win and the game continues until someone has a good bingo).
  13. In the event a bingo ball is put in the wrong slot, the bingo number called by the caller will be the only number counted toward winning bingos.
  14. Players must call BINGO loud enough for the caller to hear. Once the caller or manager closes the current game, no more bingos will be paid out.
  15. To play pull-tabs, you must have a valid admission slip.
  16. Cell phones need to be on silent or vibrate during all bingo games. Please keep all talking to a low level.

As always, THANK YOU for playing at Middletown.  Have FUN and GOOD LUCK!!