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Company Purpose:

The Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc. is an organization for the preservation and protection of life and property from and during fires, accidents, illnesses and other emergencies as may occur in the Town of Middletown, Frederick County, and the surrounding vicinity.

IMG_1573The Middletown Fire Company formed and was chartered April 27, 1942, in response to a devastating fire that nearly destroyed the entire block where the station and the Gingerwolf Distillery/The Den (former Wayside Theatre) now stand. The initial membership was twenty-two men. The first chief was Howard Shull and the first president was George R. Clarke. The first fire truck was used and purchased from Woodstock Fire Department. It was housed in a garage on Main Street. In 1943 the company moved to a garage attached to the Middletown Town Hall on Church Street. In 1948 the volunteers purchased their first new truck, an Oren pumper on a Ford chassis for $4000.

The Ladies Auxiliary was formed in August 1943. Throughout its history, the Auxiliary has been an invaluable part of the Company with financial and moral support.

The Company continued to grow and in 1952 Carlton D. Harris donated land on Main Street to build a new station. Rescue operations were added in June 1952 and the Company bought a 1948 International panel truck as its first rescue vehicle.

In the late 1960’s, the Company adopted its present name, Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc.

Co. 12 Apparatus

Photo courtesy of Dusty Bowers

By 1986 the officers recognized the need to hire personnel to retain the quality of its daytime service. Because of Middletown’s foresight, initiative, and leadership, Frederick County soon established its own Fire and Rescue Department and took over the career staff that was hired by the Company.


IMG_1574In 1992 the Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary of service to the community with the dedication of a building addition, which more than doubled the size of the station. A social hall and kitchen, engine room, bunk rooms, day room, communication room, and office were added.

Since the Company formed, there have been 9 presidents and 6 chief’s that have presided over the company.

Thanks to the dedicated support of our community, the members of Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc. have been able to maintain a consistently high level of service since 1942. The Company is committed as a professional emergency services organization to continually improve the quality of services delivered to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Middletown and Frederick County. Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue provides the citizens of Middletown and Frederick County competent and professional fire, rescue, and emergency services while ensuring the safety, education, and well-being of our members.


This April, the Company will celebrate its 75th anniversary and will host an Open House Celebration on Saturday, April 8.  This evening, to kick off the year-long celebration, we would like unveil our banner that will be hung on the front of the station until next April to celebrate.  Tonight, you all received a tumbler to begin our celebration to commemorate.  We hope that you will join us on April 8 to help us celebrate our Diamond Anniversary and to honor our past, present and future.


Rev. 2/2017